Charley "Pretty Boy" Floyd (le_polkadot) wrote in americanmafia,
Charley "Pretty Boy" Floyd


Classification: murderer

There once was a man whom lived in Chicago, this man was wealthy, he had it all. But to where he had found his fortune is another stroy. This man had a fetish of disection and killing. During the world fair in Chicago, this man had the hunger to kill. His death toll stood at 150. All women, he was after their money, however. He would bring them to his death trapped home and promise them the world, propose and then slaughter. They would sign over their wills to him however before they died, of course. There was the one girl that got away. She owned 100s of acres of land that the man was after. She invited a friend up from New Orleans to stay with her. That day was the day she found out that not only was he already married, he had 5-6 other wives nationally. When she asked he denied. No one really knows what went on that night but most say that she killed him, for breaking her heart...

I read this from a book a while back, forgive me for lack of dates and names...
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February 15 2005, 17:29:54 UTC 13 years ago

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